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Terry Sutherland
Terry Sutherland, CEO

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“ILINX platform development is innovative and constant; the open architecture means easy automation, integration, and enablement for any business process.”

ImageSource was founded over 27 years ago as a system integrator of 3rd party technologies, like Kofax software or Fujitsu scanners. Over many years of customizing and deploying solutions, they learned a lot about the limitations of products and the needs of end-users. They built their ILINX platform to address the issues they saw across technology components that made up document process solutions. ILINX has grown to a complete business process automation platform. Their customer partner solutions have increased from document-driven and departmental solutions to connecting multiple business processes and driving true digital transformation within organizations.

With a focus on business continuity and information security, enabling work-from-home environments has become a requirement in any business model. ImageSource works with international financial services organizations and local governments who struggled to keep services and business processes vital to their organization and their communities operational as their staff working from home. Previous solutions were built around physical building security and badged entry to work areas to protect personally identifiable information. Other cases required their employees to hand off documents or workflows manually to each other or were initiated by in-person interaction. The investment these customer partners made in the ILINX platform prepared them for quick recovery when state-at-home orders hit and expanded remote business process management.

ImageSource treats customers as partners, spending as much time as needed to define their needs, the scope of the project, and the measurable milestones and ROI they will achieve. They offer the ILINX platform as SaaS, On-Premise, or a combination that works for the customer partner. They augment staff and optimize solutions with Managed Services and focus on customer satisfaction and long-term planning, expanding their use of the ILINX platform over time. They enable the usage of technology trends within the workflows of ILINX and the fundamental business processes of their customer partners. If the latest technology, like RPA, is a fit to solve their problem, it is available as part of the ILINX platform. ILINX development is innovative and constantly improving; their architecture is open, and their services skillset enables integration to other systems or tools.

The company is excited about ILINX Engage with 24/7 self-service for internal users and customers or constituents. ILINX Engage aggregates the workflows and business processes that individuals participate in and shows their status, open items, subsequent step execution, and ongoing interaction with the information in the business process. Typical business processes or workflows have distinct beginning and end. Then the data is collected and used ‘retired’ at the end of the process. For example, contract review and then accounts payable are processes that rely on each other. Yet, most solutions take a contract through approval, then the contract is closed, and accounts payables operate with vendors separately. All the critical negotiations of the agreement or any special terms are lost. ILINX Engage connects those business processes, integrates with calendars, a vendor portal, and accounts payable to create a complete view of the ongoing business transaction. ILINX Engage also unifies long-term processes between government agencies and their users. For example, any licensing needs a city, county, or state agency enables, ILINX Engage creates insight into the long-term processes, the life of a license, the supporting documents or information required, and the periodic tasks or actions required by the agency or an individual.

ImageSource’s most recent case studies for the City of Redmond and Washington State Patrol started with the ECMECOSYSTEM engagement. Both organizations choose ILINX to interact with Spillman, a standard law enforcement database for background checks and information sharing. Integrations with external systems as significant and critical as those used by the FBI mean ImageSource will need to get the integration right with little support from Spillman. Those are harsh conditions. Both projects were successful and resulted in case studies.

ImageSource is in growth mode. Their ILINX platform is expanding with ILINX Engage and Data Loss Prevention modules. One of their most significant end-users, a major international financial organization, expanded their use of the ILINX platform to solve business problems introduced by all the changes in 2020. Working with this customer partner, ImageSource developed new modules on the ILINX platform to improve complex contract management and data loss prevention securing content in work-from-anywhere environments.