7 Most Crucial Enterprise Content Management Trends for 2021

Most Crucial Enterprise Content Management Trends for 2021

With COVID-19 accelerating Digital Transformation, content chaos is going to be the biggest barrier to successful digital transformation. Enterprise content management solutions help businesses better manage electronic documents, thus facilitating digital transformation. As more and more companies gear towards digital transformation, here are some trends that will dominate the market.

Custom ECM Solutions will grow in popularity

Custom ECM solution providers tailor features and functionalities to adapt to the needs of different businesses. This feature brings an increased level of control to the experience. Businesses can customize the ECM platforms to best meet their needs. These benefits, coupled with the proliferation of remote work environments, will accelerate the adoption of custom ECM solutions in organizations.

Access to Data Will Be More Democratized

In 2021, access to data will be more democratized, meaning people will be able to access the relevant data from different levels. By creating a company culture in which the data flows freely will help businesses in the following ways:

  • Every user in an organization can have access to data for timely and more insightful decision-making.
  • Analysts will be able to dedicate more time to analyzing data.

Robust Data Security and compliance

External and internal security breaches and not meeting regulatory requirements are some of the biggest nightmares of business organizations. Therefore, safeguarding content without compromising information accessibility is one of their top priorities. This year, Enterprise Content Management Solutions will invest more in making data security more robust and ensuring they comply with all data compliances. They will be adapting leading standards for security in records management, enabling different business departments to manage user access independently.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will optimize business processes

New, innovative AI tools will be incorporated into Content Management Systems, which will help smaller businesses get smart business intelligence support. They can improve their decision-making capabilities and optimize their business processes with the help of AI, ML, and data visualization.

Robotic Process Automation will be used for repetitive tasks

Robotic Process Automation can automate business processes that are structured, rule-based and repetitive, such as – fetching data and monthly employee reports. This allows human employees to spend their time and energy on strategic tasks.

Scalability Will Be a Priority

Scalability will be of utmost importance for business organizations gearing towards digital transformation or optimizing their current content management systems. The focus of such organizations will be on choosing custom-made IT solutions that can easily support their transformation without disrupting their business operations.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) ECM solution will benefit many customers

Today, many businesses want to start quickly without having to first procure and provision storage, servers, or install the software. As a result, (SaaS) ECM solutions will rise in popularity. They are easy to buy, and the buyers don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Getting started

If you are looking for ECM solutions for your organization, look for solutions that address these trends, and most importantly, look for solutions that align with the business processes you want to streamline. By adopting this approach, you will achieve ROI in just a matter of months.